Arunachala Retreat 2021

An intensive three week Retreat focusing on Self Enquiry

Sun 10th - Sun 31st January 2021



2021 Retreat and Travel Information

Arrival date: Sat 9th January 2021 Address:
Sri Nannagaru Ashram
Ramana Maharshi St. 2
Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
Chengam Rd, Tiruvannamalai
Tamil Nadu 606603 India
First day of Retreat: Sun 10th January 2021
Last day of Retreat: Sun 31st January 2021
Departure date: Mon 1nd February 2021

Retreat Costs

Cost includes Meetings with John David, accommodation in a modern Ashram,
vegetarian food and all activities. It is possible to spread payments over an agreed period.

Price 1.950 € / 1.550 € Concession*
Early bird price: 1.650 € (until 15 Oct.)
Helpers price for students under 30 years 950 €

*Concession price available for people with difficult financial situations.

Info & Booking

John David Office
Tel: 0049 2173 40 99 204
Mob: 0049 174 46 46 799


Daily Morning Yoga and Meditation

We begin the day together with soft Yoga and Meditation.

Satsang with John David (formerly Premananda)

There will be daily Satsang with John David on the shady roof of our Ashram. The Satsangs are a space to fall deeply into yourself and to share with John David any questions or issues that you would like support with.

Mantra Singing with Live Music

Before Satsang we will sing Mantras to open up our heart and energy system.

Visit the Ramana Ashram

We will walk around Ramana's Samadhi, sit in the meditation hall and visit the mothers shrine and the Samadhis of close deciples. We have the possibilty to see the ashram archive and enjoy a traditional ashram lunch served on a palm leaf.

Walk on and around Arunachala Mountain

We will walk together on the inner path around Arunachala used by Sri Ramana Maharshi. We will visit Virupaksha Cave where he lived for seventeen years, between 1899 and 1916 and Skanda Ashram where he later lived with a small community.

On the full moon night, we can join in the spectacle of half a million people walking around the outer path, which includes many holy sites.

Visit Arunachalishwara Temple in Tiruvannamalai

Visit the Arunachalishwara Temple which is dedicated to Shiva and the element of Fire. It is one of the five largest temples in South India. The inner sanctum was built 2000 years ago and has been a place of pilgrimage ever since. This temple is where Sri Ramana Maharshi arrived as a school boy and where he continued to live for a number of years.

Visit Indian Masters living at the foot of Arunachala

During the retreat we are blessed to meet some of the Indian Masters of the project “Blueprints for Awakening” e.g. Ganesan, the grandnephew of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Swamini Pramananda, a disciple of Swami Dayananda.

Meeting Indian Culture

We will visit the surrounding countryside and enjoy meeting local people in the villages.

Delicious Indian Food

We enjoy delicious vegetarian food prepared specially for us in our own kitchen according to Western standards of hygiene.


Goodbye Ceremony

We finish the retreat with a goodbye ceremony to celebrate the moment and always remember who we are.

You can get a taste of the magic of India by watching John David’s film Indian Masters - Blueprints for Awakening.

When John David lived in India with his spiritual Master Papaji he felt an inner message telling him to go and catch the great Indian Masters on film before they passed away. He interviewed sixteen Masters, asking each of them the same twelve questions based on Ramana Maharshi's teachings such as 'Who are you?' and 'Do you have a mind?'

The resulting Blueprints for Awakening archive, consisting of a Book, a Film and a Video Website, contains modern dialogues about ancient truth. John David's familiarity with this subject, combined with his many years of experience guiding spiritual seekers, create fascinating, lively interactions with each of the Masters.

Visit the Website:

Buy the film or book:


John David's love and spirit is reflected in the wonderful people around him. I love them all.

Valery, UK

I met John David in his deepness, honesty, generosity and lightness. I am very grateful for the retreat and for what is happening inside of me.

Helga, Germany

I very much enjoyed the mixture of the silent and dynamic energy. The cooperative and supporting nature especially of the organizing makes this retreat very special and memorable.

Kana, India

I took in John David's teaching and love, which traveled through the whole group. I am very likely to come again.

Anita, Switzerland

I love Arunachala, love John David, I am love.

Sergey, Ukrain

It`s my second time and I just feel love and gratefulness which cannot be expressed in any words.

Julia, Germany

An unforgetable time, wonderful, intensive, deep.

Georg, Switzerland

I'm back at "normal" life and it's not so easy. I took John David's advice about not getting pulled into a story ... I'd like to ask John David if he would accept me to be my teacher. I feel I need him to continue this

Maria, Spain

When I came back to Paris, I felt so good. I realized how wonderful the retreat has been for the body, the mind and soul ...

Arun, France

I came the third time and again it has been magic again. I feel so enriched and content with myself and hope this will stay.

Vishnu, Germany

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