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(formerly Satsang Premananda)

Couple Session

Connect to the Authentic Love in your Relationship

A couple session with John David (formerly Premananda) is an opportunity to untangle the difficulties and knots that can arise in a relationship where both partners are not connected to the truth of the love they feel together.

In an atmosphere of stillness and total acceptance, John David (formerly Premananda) guides you to be really present in your natural inner love and tranquility, which is your true nature.

From this place a different kind of meeting becomes possible, a melting in presence and authentic love. This allows you to see where you are caught up in something false, and the underlying truth in your relationship can reveal itself.

Meetings are possible by phone, by video Skype, or in person at Open Sky House.

You can contact Indira at the Satsang office to arrange a time or find out more information.

Tel: +49 2173 4099204
Mob: +49 178 2890814

How to meet by Skype:
  • Open Skype.
  • Add John David (formerly Premananda) to your contacts. The address is ‘johndavidsattv’
  • Login at the time you choose with Indira.
  • John David (formerly Premananda) will then call you.
  • Please make sure that your face is well lit, and please use a headset with a microphone.
  • Contacting the office, you can also get help setting up Skype if you have problems.

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