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To be a Member of the John David (formerly Premananda) International Sangha Group

"I am very happy to invite you to be a member of my International Sangha Group."

The International Sangha Group is a group of people who have committed themselves to work more closely with John David (formerly Premananda) and with each other. This group meets four times a year at Open Sky House, in the spiritual Community around John David, located between Cologen and Dusseldorf.

The International Sangha Group members have come together because truth is the first priority in their lives. The point of this Sangha is to be a constant reminder for each other and to awaken to our true nature.

If truth is your first priority and you would like close contact with John David and with a Sangha of people who are really interested in truth, joining the International Sangha Group is a wonderful support.

The core of the International Sangha Group is a series of four weekends per year, which all International Sangha Members commit to attend regularly. All members also commit to come to one final leave taking weekend in the case of them deciding to leave the International Sangha Group. This is to encourage members to leave in a conscious manner.

John David says, “the Sangha members are my closest group, therefore I am always available for them by e-mail, phone or personal talk.”

As a member of the International Sangha Group you can take part in all of John David’s Retreats (in Germany, Ukraine, Spain and India) at a reduced rate. This is to encourage members of the Sangha to have a regular ongoing contact with John David throughout the year.

The first Sangha meeting will be an introduction after which you decide to join.

The agreement is an open ended one. It can be cancelled in writing after one year with a two month notice. If the contract is not cancelled it automatically continues for another year.
It is recommended to stay at least for two years in the International Sangha Group.

In exchange you give a monthly donation paid by a regular bank draft. This donation will be used to organize the four Sangha weekends per year. It includes Meetings, vegetarian food and accommodation in a shared room.

Accommodation is possible in a single or double room at an additional charge.

If you choose to accept the invitation, please contact us by email, phone or post.

Welcome, International Sangha member!

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