Satsang with

(formerly Satsang Premananda)

Mantra Singing & Energy Darshan at 8 pm CET.

Mantra Singing with Live Music and Energy Darshan with John David

Every Wednesday in the Open Sky House

A silent and intimate meeting with John David. Eye contact and a personal blessing.
John David has been blessed by his years spent with Osho and Papaji to share directly from his being.


When I receive Darshan from John David, a warm energy flows through my body, so that I can relax totally and I feel good in my body.
Thank you John David

The Darshan with John David on Wednesday is a wonderful experience each time. My soul and my heart feel loved and caressed by the whole setup of the evening. What is happening is a purely impersonal heart-to-heart meeting. From this moment on I feel supported by existence and I feel a very warm energy flowing through my body.
After darshan, I am full of energy and love gushes from my heart. I feel an opening of the heart chakra, the crown chakra and vibration on the forehead. Each time, the heartfullness and openness of everybody who is there touches me deeply.
Thank you John David, thank you Open Sky House

The Darshan is very touching, just like everything in the Open Sky House. There is beautiful music, spontaneously flowing through singing, flute playing, piano, drums and other instruments. When you listen to it, and feel it, you are easily brought into the Present Moment, and are embraced by a wonderful stillness. It is so touching to just sit or dance and be brought deeper into this deep stillness as the music flows from this same stillness. It is very touching when Permananda puts his hand on your head during the Darshan; to feel the connection, stillness and love. It is also very touching to see how other people are deeply touched in different ways during these Darshans, and also how people with a busy minds are brought into a place of deep serenity and contentment.
Anders Branderurd

After the first Darshan I felt a very very deep relaxtion and slept extremely well.
After the second Darshan I found myself afterwards in the laundry still ironing in the night for one and a half hour. And it just came from some there deep inside, the wish to do this.
And mostly now in every Darshan its like a totally knocking out of the mind for a while, especially the moment, then John David put his finger on the forehead.
I experience it very nourishing , nourishing and empowering the energy system, the heart and soul.

Practical Information for the Energy Darshan.

The Darshan begins with collective Mantra singing. To open up the heart breath in strongly and sing out loudly. It is a moment to join in and come into the flow of the group, feel the energy of every moment. If necessary during this period you can leave and return to the room.

After the Mantra singing we will do a Hadra, a rhythmic Trance Meditation of the Sufis. When the Meditation comes to silence John David will enter. To support the sensitive space that has opened, from this moment on everybody is asked to stay in the energy and not leave the room.
This is a period of sitting in silence, being with yourself and listening to the music of the Band.

When you feel moved, come to receive your Blessing. It is okay to stay in the Darshan and not come for a Blessing. To speed the flow of the blessing, please come first to the reserve chair.

The Blessing begins with eye contact. After a few moments John David will place his hands gently on your head. Later he will touch your third eye for a moment. Finally there will be eye contact and bringing the palms together in namaste.

After the Blessing it is best to lie down and totally relax the body and mind. After some longer time the music will stop and the Darshan is over.

It is possible that John David will stay at the end and conduct the music intensely. This is an invitation to dance and celebrate, and you can also sit quietly.

Please wear white clothes and attend to any toilet needs before entering the Darshan.

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