Combine Self-enquiry with a Summer Holiday in Spain or Ukraine. When you become quiet, you can recognize that you are one with everything, and that all problems are simply caused by the identification with the 'I', with a separate sense of self.
Scholarship Fund
There is a scholarship fund available for those who need help with financial difficulties, and if you require this support please write to us, with a recent photo, and tell us your situation.

In the spirit of compassion you are also welcome to donate to this scholarship fund, supporting seekers on their journey.

Experience Spiritual Community
Living Together in Joyful Creativity

If you like to experience life in a Spiritual Community come and visit us at Open Sky House in Germany, Spain or Ukraine. We are an international spiritual and creative Community and we are open to everybody who wants to know themselves and live in inner freedom. You can come for a week or longer and join our daily life, the meditations and Meetings with John David. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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Open Sky House Hitdorf
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