Summer Holiday Retreat Spain 2017
Open Sky House Denia

John David

This retreat offers an amazing opportunity
to totally immerse yourself in the energy field of Satsang.

Fri 18th August- Sun 3rd September 2017

John David's presence awakens a direct recognition in those who are open to the true being of themselves, who they really are and always have been. His clarity, wisdom and deep love acts as a reminder about what really matters. He opens a safe and clear space where everything false can fall away and the heart can open. Then you will see that nothing is missing and happiness, peace and love are already there within you.

For 20 years John David has been dedicated to guiding sincere seekers of Truth to freedom. His message is not only in his words but also in his energy field and the one of the communities around him.

This is a special retreat as John David has invited 3 teachers from different backgrounds to inspire and awaken you. These teachers have touched John David with their work and he greatly values their wisdom and inspiration.

The retreat includes:

Talks with Usha
From Hyderabad in India, at a young age Usha met her Indian guru Sri Nanagaru and for the first time in her life felt deeply understood. Her love and devotion for „Nana“ set her on an amazing journey to freedom and self-realisation. Usha's talks about her life are not only astonishing and fascinating stories, but also give us a deep understanding about the transforming power of true surrender and devotion.

Tantra with Jan Day on the weekend 25 - 27 August
Jan Day is a wonderful and well-known English Tantra teacher who has worked for 10 years with the community in and around the Open Sky House. This Tantra weekend is part of the retreat and an invitation to explore true intimacy in an accepting and loving space. This doesn't just mean sex, it rather means to love and honor yourself and your sexual nature as a man or woman and to celebrate your sensitivity, sensuality and innocence.

Authentic Theater with Indira
With many years of teaching experience, Indira offers a space where you can simply be as you are in any moment. Out of your spontaneous liveliness and in contact with the other players, surprising and unique plays will arise. The stage is a protected space with clear and safe rules to experiment, to discover your different facettes, to follow your intuition, innocence and curiosity, to express yourself more intensively, to expand your boundaries and discover your creative potential.

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