Vipassana Island Meditation

John David


23 - 25 October

Open Sky House Hitdorf, Germany


20 - 22 November

Open Sky House Denia, Spain

Silence is the Language of the Heart

Vipassana is the most effective meditation that helps you to understand how your mind and body are operating and to meet yourself in a deep way.

Spend a whole weekend with yourself, sitting in silence in the supportive energy of a meditating group and a teacher. On the "Island" you have the opportunity to be completely with yourself, without phone, book, music or other distractions. In the silence you can meet your inner love, peace and joy and experience that you are not your thoughts and feelings.
On Friday evening there will be Satsang with John David and on Sunday the opportunity to share your experiences.
For 12 years, John David and the Open Sky House Community have regularly been practicing these special Vipassana-Island weekends.
The Island consists of a chair, a meditation cushion, a back jack, a mattress and blankets. A loving helper team will bring you food. If you like more information please contact us. 

Arrival: Friday afternoon
Start:    Friday 7pm, Silent Dinner
End:     Sunday 7pm (who wants, can stay for dinner)

Price Hitdorf:  180€ incl. accommodation and food
Price Denia:      95€ incl. accommodation and food
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Open Sky House Hitdorf

Rheinstr. 54, 51371 Hitdorf am Rhein

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